Events Timeline

10th March 2020

Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition

Welcome event open for all undergraduate and graduate students, no matter your course! Come along for an afternoon of hands-on engineering to build the sturdiest bridge…all out of spaghetti (and lots of tape!). Free lunch is also served! Hosted in collaboration with EWB, MESS, WISE, WIT.

Meet the Grads (Career Expo)

An industry expo for you to network and speak with Melbourne University alumni who are now working as engineers in industry. Food and drinks will be served too!

17th March 2020
9th April 2020

Trivia Night

Come along and compete in an Old School Trivia in at the pub! Teams will go head-to-head to compete for glory, prizes and beer!


A 2-day engineering hackathon aimed to provide you with an opportunity to develop your hands-on practical skills! You will have the opportunity to utilise some specialised equipment that are available at the Melbourne School of Engineering to complete the event challenge. Our industry sponsors will also be present to deliver speeches and provide mentor-ship throughout the event. Oh, and it’s not a hackathon without food!

11th-12th April 2020

Study Session

MSE Soft Skill Workshop

A series of workshops aimed to provide students with industry insights on common soft skills that are most sought after by companies in the engineering industry. The workshops also aim to demystify the interview and recruitment process of these companies and prepare students through a mock interview session after workshops.

Mid-Semseter Break
7th August 2020

Melbourne University Gaming Fest: The largest gaming festival at the university!

Exactly as the name suggests, MUG fest is a social event full of gaming competitions, snacks, drinks and a chance for both students and staff to relax and have fun! ent between MUEEC and other engineering/gaming clubs at the University. With gaming competitions, snacks and drinks, and other exciting features provided to both students and lecturers, it’s sure not an event to be missed.

Open Day Drone Competition

For the 2020 UniMelb Open-Day, students will compete in small teams to build and program a drone that will be showcased to all attendees.

16th August 2020
18th August 2020

Industry Night

An event where industry representatives will present a topic of their choosing to our students and share information on opportunities such as graduate programs.

There will also be a casual-standing dinner where students will have an opportunity to network and engage Q&A with all industry representatives.

Trivia Night

Come along and compete in an Old School Trivia in at the pub! Teams will go head-to-head to compete for glory, prizes and beer!

24th September 2020


In order to encourage STEM based careers to young women, MUEEC hosts the fun and practical engineering hackathon SuperHack for young women in year 10 and 11, where they will be mentored by current STEM students from the University and industry mentors in order to engineer a solution to a design challenge.